Business Server Support

With Microsoft ending support of Windows 2003, it is essential to be able to get the adequate support that your business needs. At TechStarters, we can provide the support for your Windows server needs. We will update your existing Windows Server version or set up a new Window Server for your business, while providing IT support services that includes managing, maintaining, and troubleshooting server issues as they come up to business keeps running.

With discontinued support from Microsoft, security updates are no longer supported, making your business increasingly susceptible to ransomware, viruses, and malware. In addition, many applications will stop being supported, breaking critical business applications. This will impact the operations of the business without having a Microsoft supported server license, with company support of your critical industry applications. The progressive degradation of a Windows server that is not maintained could range from basic file server functions, like e-mails, printing of documents, and scanning capabilities to the more severe issues such as server system failure, backups failing, corrupt files, broken applications, and much more. Critical applications and Microsoft server systems are what need to be reliable and outdated programs will reduce this reliability.

Outdated server software applications can have multiple items come up that prevent the network and industry applications from working. No more support means that no new updates are being made which opens the network to issues, such as compliance, efficiency, and the overall security of the servers themselves. This also means that the firewall equipment that is in place would have to be upgraded to protect the internal network and servers for the outdated software, which could mean increased costs.

At TechStarters, we can manage the business IT services needed to maintain the security, support, and work-flow efficiency that best suits your business. The current application information and files that you use can easily be migrated to the updated Microsoft servers with ease. We can provide the support that you are looking for to keep your business operations running smoothly. Call TechStarters for all of your Windows Server needs!