IT Audits & Business Risk Assessments

Security Audits & Compliance Risk Assessments

TechStarters provides a number of services that work with WatchGuard, Cisco, and many other leading security firewall devices & switches that will identify security vulnerabilities using advanced technical auditing procedures and security testing. Our auditing services can include specific audits, such as a compliance risk assessment to ensure your business is in HIPAA compliance if your business deals with patient records or PCI compliance to ensure your business is safeguarding customer credit card transactions properly.

Our professional auditing risk assessment report will outline your IT security gaps within your business, giving your company confidence that your organization holds itself to a higher standard that is secure from malicious attacks and critical data compromises. Without the proper security for your business, you are just waiting for a disaster to happen that could lead to major compliance fines, customer credit card obligations if you are found at fault of being negligent in securing customer data properly. TechStarters technical auditing services & comprehensive risk assessments will assist you in preventing these nightmares from happening to your business.

Audit Your "IT guy" or "IT Company"

It's not enough that you purchased an expensive device. For devices that range from business class to enterprise, the software capabilities of firewall devices and switches are is the primary driving factor in the price. Proper configuration of these complex devices is critical for the security of your business. Countless times, our professionals will perform security audits only to find out that the current or previous "IT guy" or "IT company" had a skeleton outline of a configuration and had never disclosed to the customer/business that they did not know how to properly configure security devices, even though they say "I've done this many times before". As a result, many businesses do not learn about these devastatingly huge vulnerabilities until their business is crippled by a ransomware virus, malicious network intrusion, data comprise, or a small medical practice is hit with a $50,000 fine for each negligent breach for non-compliance of HIPAA.

Cisco: Security Audit

TechStarters can provide you with the latest technologies of Cisco Firewalls and virus protection. We will work with you to ensure that your business has 24/7 protection for your company assets, critical files, and information. Our risk assessment will identify the areas where you are most vulnerable and where your business requires protection the most. With proper planning, we can implement a security strategy that works best for the needs of your business.

Real-Time Vulnerability Notifications

After proper security device setup, TechStarters will receive real-time email notifications of unusual activity, attacks, and expiring subscriptions required to stay compliant. With this fully automated system in place, our technicians are able to act and protect your system in real-time with any security issues your secured network is experiencing. This allows your network to remain secure with the latest and greatest security definitions and features.

Penetration Testing

TechStarters also has penetration testing services that can test in a controlled scenario your network's security and help you reduce the number of holes in your network. Many times, we'll find that "experienced" IT companies will open your network up on all ports, simply because they do not understand these devices and the reason why certain company applications are being blocked, why VoIP systems are not functioning properly, and much more. Disturbingly, this very, very common occurrence is most commonly found in professional centers that host law firms and medical practices with less than 6 physical locations.