Cloud Services

What is the "Cloud"?

The "Cloud" is actually a buzzword adopted by the IT industry in the late nineties to more easily describe a massive collection of servers across the word that hold data that can be accessed from anywhere and generally by any device... so long as you internet connectivity. The concept that is now know as the cloud has actually been around since the earliest day of computer science when mainframes were the size of a basketball court. The idea that data and computations were performed on the mainframe only being accessed and instructed from a "dumb" terminal is essentially the same thing as the cloud. With advances in solid state microprocessor miniaturization and readily accessible high speed internet connectivity for both computers and smart phones the cloud has become a daily part of people lives; most of the time completely unbeknownst to them. As opposed to the belief the data is in a magical cloud of ether it does in fact exist on a physical server somewhere in the world, usually multiple servers.

What can the "Cloud" do for you?‚Äč

The "Cloud" has been leveraged by major companies as an extremely cost effective solution for multiple needs such as data storage and collaboration. While the ease of access and use can be a boon there are serious considerations in regards to security that ought to be considered.

At the most simplistic level transfer of files with the use of applications such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox have allow for a small amount of data made available to the user at no cost. Once beyond that particular threshold (15Gb for Google Drive as an example) the cloud becomes a paid service. Again the advances in hardware the cost associated with space has become very inexpensive and scalable to fit any companies need. The size of the "Cloud" is, in theory, infinite.

At its most advanced level the cloud can operate as a back bone for enterprise scale businesses that have their entire infrastructure built in to the cloud, maintaining an astounding amount of data and supporting thousands of end users.

The need for security still exists. Encryption and VPNs (Virtual Private Network) are almost always implemented when utilizing the cloud, especially when data is very sensitive such as financial or medical information.

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